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[ Feature ]


* Choose screen mode either ‘Work mode’ or ‘Entertainment mode’ according to your work

You can choose either ‘Work mode’ or ‘Entertainment mode’ for the screen depends on your work

[ Work Mode ]

When working on general computer work, you can control the screen with high-quality and smooth scrolling. It offers smooth screen scrolling and has relatively lower data transmission rate than ‘Entertainment mode’.

[ Entertainment Mode ]

When fast frame rate is needed for example, when running game or movie, you can enjoy fast&clear images with ' Entertainment mode’.

There may be a little difference according to Network place or computer specifications to implement this mode, it offers more than 20fps of maximum screen switching rate, so you will enjoy game and movie in a good condition.

You can change these modes by 'Display Menu' on bottom main menubar.
[W] : 'Work Mode', [E] : 'Entertainment Mode'a

* Streaming sound of PC.

- You can here sound of PC on smart device.
- To listen the sound of PC, Stereo mix should be set up.
(For further information, refers to ‘How to’)

* PC Connecting via 3G and WiFi

- PC can be connected via 3G and WiFi.
- PC can be controlled in subways, cafes, schools, workplaces, wherever there is WiFi and 3G connection.
- To connect PC from outside, set up 'port forwarding' or 'DMZ' mode of routers.
- Connecting PC can’t be possible in a company where a firewall exists.

* Controlling all the programs of PC such as web browsing, internet banking, office, mail, movie, game, etc.  

- Screen and sound of your PC are transmitted and also you can control the keyboard and mouse. So, you can use all the programs of your PC on smart device.

* Dual Monitor Support

CrazyRemote supports split screen function and whole screen function, in case of two or more monitors connected to your PC.

* Bluetooth Keyboards Support

CrazyRemote supports bluetooth keyboards function available for iPhones, iPod and iPads. You can see the detailed instructions from Help.
Currently, Android device is not supported.

* Offering its own keyboard and mouse Driver

- It uses its own keyboard and mouse Driver, so you can control the mouse and keyboard even though a game guard is installed
- Some of games might not work well.

* Other various supplementary features

- It changes the resolution of PC screen automatically so that PC screen would fit in smart device.
- It offers keyboard UI to control PC keyboard conveniently.
- You can use keyboard shortcuts and arrowkeys which are used frequently.
- It provides 'screen capture' of window login/lock.
- It is operated with Window Service mode.
- In the case of window vista/7, 'sound capture' function is supported without setting up Setereo Mix.

* Encoding all the transmitted data.


[ Supported Device ]

* Applicable to iPod Touch 1G/2G/2.5G, iPhone 3G
* Applicable to iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPhone4, Touch 4G
* Applicable to Android Device

( Android OS 2.1 or later and Multi-touch screen is required )


[ Caution ]

* If there is a router, set up 'port forwarding' or 'DMZ' mode to connect (internet) from outside ( 3G, 4G, Edge or External WiFi )
* At least more than Core2 Duo 2.0 Ghz of PC is recommended in 'Entertainment mode’
* In the case of laptop, it might not perform well with 'Entertainment mode'
* Connecting PC can’t be possible in a company where a firewall exists.
* It may not work right when controlling some games.
* There may be a little difference in operating speed according to Network place or computer specifications.
* Dual monitor is not supported at present.