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1. Check List before start

  • It is applicable to Windows XP SP3, Vista, Window7 32bits, 64bits only (not applicable to Mac, Linux)
  • More than ‘Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz’of PC is recommended to get appropriate speed
  • In the case of laptop, it might not perform well with 'game/movie mode
  • 3G and WiFi should be usable for the connection to PC

2. Installation & Start

[Install CrazyRemote Server on PC]

  1. Download CrazyRemoteServer, and Run setup program.
  2. When confirm dialog box appears during installation,, click ‘installation’ to move on
    * Driver will be installed for controlling keyboard and mouse by Game program
    * Mirror Driver will be installed for better capturing service (supported by Vista/7 32-bit only)

XP User

Vista/Window7 User



[ CrazyRemote Server 시작 ]

  1. When installation is done, run the CrazyRemote Server. Then, it’s registered to TrayIcon if CrazyRemote Server works well..
  2. To start CrazyRemote Server, Set ‘password’ which is used for connecting from Client.
  3. After setting up the password, push the ‘Start’ button to run the server..


[ Connect to CrazyRemote Server ]


1. Connecting via Pincode

To connect to PC, you can use pincode. Go to ‘pincode tap’ and you can find the 9 digit pincode. Connecting via pincode is only available by Full version. It’s not supported by Lite version. With this pincode, you can connect to PC no matter where you are in local or outside and even when IP of Computer or Router is changed.


2. Admitting access from outside

If there is a router, set up 'port forwarding' to connect to PC from outside. CrazyRemote Server tries it automatically. As shown in the picture, choose ‘auto setting’ then it tries to make the router set up automatically. But the router should support UPNP. If ‘auto setting’ doesn’t work, set up ‘port forwarding’ manually. (For manual set up, refer to FAQ )


3. Connecting via IP/Port

You can connect to PC using information of IP or Port. If you somehow fail to access via pincode, try to access via IP/Port. You can connect to PC via IP/Port only by Lite version. You should be aware of that you should use different IP/Port information depending on where you are in local or outside when you conncet to PC.
Local access means that smart device and PC are connected in a same router. Outside access means when you connect device to PC using 3G and WiFi outside the house. In the case of Local access, use the IP/Port of ‘local access setting’ and in the case of outside access, use the information of "External IP", "External Port".

* Caution: If DHCP is set up on PC, which automatically assigns temporary IP addresses to client computers, IP can be changed, so always check the IP before connecting to PC.



[ Information ] To use Lite-Version

Only through WiFi can get access to the PC on the same network(or the same router) connected with devices. You must use Local IP/Port Infomation displayed on CrazyRemote Server.



[ Run CrazyRemote Client ]

  1. Run ‘CrazyRemote Client’ on device
  2. Push ‘+’ button on computer list and go to the page that you can set up new link.
  3. Input the connecting information of CrazyRemote Sever ( pincode or IP/Port of CrazyRemote Server)
  4. Save and choose the name of computer just added on the list. Notice box will pop up on the connected computer and this notice box can’t be terminated for security purposes.



3. Direction for the use

  1. Movie player that uses ‘Overlay’

    CrazyRemote can’t capture the screen of Overlay. So, if the movie player is using the ‘Overlay function’, you should turn off the function to capture the movie correctly.
    [For Details]

  2. Listening to Sound

    To listen the emitting sound from Window, use ‘Stereo Mix’ on Window [For Details]

  3. Game Play

    It may not capture correctly when playing a game that takes over whole screen. It is recommended to change to windowed mode and play.

  4. When mouse/keyboard aren’t working

    CrazyRemote use its own Driver to control games. Driver crush may occurs in some systems, so that mouse and keyboard may not work.
    If it happens, turn off the “Support CrazyRemote Driver”on option of CrazyRemote Client. (but you can’t not play games that restrict input of keyboard and mouse without “Support CrazyRemote Driver”.